50 Lux

Premium Europan Brand Configuration Easy to Install. Low After-Premium Europan Brand Configuration Easy to Install. Low After-sale cost.

SAMSUNG Li-ion battery

Battery capacity is up to 2600mAh. After full charge. Run-time is 8 hours on high . It is very user to replace a new one when the battery life is over

Optical Anti-glare Design

Light Type: with in the rectangular Spot(H+-8,V+-5)

Ceiling Luminous. Intensity: 4°exceeding central point. People feel sick by light over 2 Lux.

Let you riding at night more personalized and colorful. When the bike stops turn to the blue light mode. It is easier to be seen by Vehicle. Greatly improve the safety.

Embedded Aluminum Alloy design

More upscale . Better heat dissipation

Low power indicator function

When the power remaining 20%. ON/OFF button will light up red light. Kindly remind of recharging

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