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Sate-Lite is a leading manufacturer and supplier of reflectors, lenses, bike lights and warning devices for bicycles, passenger cars, trucks, boats and other applications. Sate-Lite's products meet or exceed industry safety standards established by   regulatory bodies world-wide, including the Society of Automotive Engineers,the U.S. Department of Transportation and DIN.

Bicycle Reflectors – Leadership on a World Standard

As the world's largest supplier of reflex reflectors for this industry, Sate-Lite produces over four-hundred million reflectors annually- all with the highest product performance at aggressively competitive costs.

New technology for improved customer productivity is critical to Sate-Lite's success and longevity in this market. Our innovative “snap on” backer mounting system, “fixed head” one-piece reflector bracket, and “one click” rivet mounting system are excellent examples of leadership in the industry and our commitment to customers. Sate-Lite's designs enable customers to achieve a competitive edge advantage while lowering cost-per-assembly and improving throughput.

Reflectors are available for front/rear applications, spoke/wheel applications,and pedal applications. Standard and custom reflectors are manufactured to stringent U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, German StVZO ,DIN, UK BS, Australia AS, Japan VIA, ISO6742-2,GB31887, and EU E safety standards.

Quality and Leadership

Sate-Lite Plastics Co., LTD is a company with an eye to the future.Today, there is an increasing emphasis on reflective safety and optical recognition as the means to improve transportation, consumer, and commercial products.Being innovative and cost- effective, Sate-Lite is equipped with two state-of-the-art all function photometric light tunnels that ensure each   reflector/bike light's optical quality. 

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